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#AtlantaEats: #GrassVBQJoint

Hiiii ✨🌞✨

Hope you've been well. Steady rising above. Steady eating good! 😛

I firmly believe #health IS #wealth and with that, every bite we take is imperative.

That does NOT mean that I'm out here settling for subpar meals -- oh no, I make every bite, sip, & swallow of a calorie count and I'm getting increasingly better at making sure everything I consume feels as good as it does going in as it does going out... HAHA TMI, yeah? Basically my standards are #flavorful AND #nutritious.

I enjoy cooking and taking care in the love & thought I put into my homemade creations, so if I am outside spending my coins and spreading the word, you know its on point!

Going to make it more of a thing to make sure I show love to the #PlantBased spots that have been CONSISTENT. I'm big on good service, good food, good energy. #Conscious #consumerism is more important now than ever, so it's a blessing to lift up those in the community who do what they do with love for the #hood & the #environment. Too many food deserts out here! It's vital that we know that environmental racism exists and that eating healthy does NOT have to break the bank. P.S. YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT & EXPLORATION.

My desire is that you become empowered to try some of these spots or find ways to create decadent vegan options at the crib within your means that make you feel like the skilled individual you divinely are... Because yes, you can do it or find a friend who can 😉

But for now, lets shine light on some divine creations brought to us by some Hometown Heroes...

This time, let's highlight #GrassVBQJoint. We had this spot on our radar for a while, then when we relocated to the city, we finally got to have our first taste and it made for such a beautiful day!

#GrassVBQJoint shares space with #Orpheus, a local #brewery, in a warehouse located near #Piedmont #Park. We actually biked down there, which made for a serious work-out on the way home after eating beyond our satisfaction. SO WORTH IT.

On our first visit, we ordered //

>> Creole "wings" -- soy free smoked seitan basked in a creole sauce

>> Nashville Hot Chic’n sammich -- house made seitan chickn drenched in a sweet smoky Nashville hot sauce, topped with B&B pickles and mustard aioli

>> Titus Town sammich -- signature smoked “veef” brisket with roasted vidalia onion VBQ Sauce, celery root & chickpea slaw.

We were blown away and to top it off, the grand introduction of #ZAPPSCHIPS.

Yes, all caps are necessary. #Zapps Chips go HARD. #Voodoo style is a must try. We have memories driving to quite a few stores trying to find these chips. The things we do for love...

Pair the food, with the outdoor seating, folks enjoying their brews with their pups in tow... ahhh... makes for such a wavy afternoon. We couldn't wait to return. Told myself the next time I would go for the Fried Green Tomato BLT, skip the "wings" (not a fan of wings, no shade to the restaurant or anyone who eats vegan wings - it's just not my ting)

Second time, we had been fasting since our colonic (colon hydrotherapy) and more seriously focused on fitness, which I thought meant that I earned the right to eat many more bites than before. I found out I overestimated my capacity but I applaud my efforts... STILL WORTH IT.

And yes, we biked again! Ordered dessert this time. On our menu //

>> Nashville Hot Chic’n -- same as before, even more appreciated this time!

>> Blue Oyster Mushroom Po’Boy -- cornmeal crusted blue oyster #mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, whiskey B&B pickles, creole remoulade 

>> Fried Green Tomato PBLT -- fried green tomato, IPA beer pimento cheeze, leaf lettuce, bacun jam 

>> Revolution Gelato Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cup -- WOW, its like #heaven for #vegans who love #Reese's #PeanutButter Cups, yet the frozen version. Dangerously good. This cup sent me over the EDGE. Definitely took a while to get back on that bike after this #feast.

Ya girl was STUCK.

Thank you #GrassVBQJoint for serving the community with damn good eats.

Thank you so much for doing the work and spreading the #goodness of #vegan #cuisine. Soooo glad to have you in the hood. You can take my money anytime! Looking forward to more ~

Bless Up!

Orpheus Brewing, 1440 Dutch Valley Pl NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324, United States

Closed: Monday & Tuesday. Weds-Sun 1-8pm


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